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Miscellaneous Products

RT Feeds also offers the following products.  


These improve the nutritive value of feed, and increase the digestive efficiency.  Feed digestibility increases by 3 – 5%.  It also gives more consistant pig performance, and less digestive upsets.

RT Feeds are able to supply Porzyme by Finn Feeds and Natugrain by Frank Wright.

Stalasan F

This is a high quality, broad spectrum, powdered disinfectant.  It’s benefits are

  • Long acting bacterial killer
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal
  • Reduces ammonia and toxic gasses

It is effective against a wide range of organisms and pathogens.  Stalosan F is particularly effective in the farrowing house.

Agil Prefect

Unique gut conditioner and microbial optimiser for pigs.  Provides controlled release of acids to assist development of beneficial gut microflora.

Milk Powders

RT Feeds supply 2 types of milk powders for young pigs.

  • RT Creep Milk
  • Protilac
Typical analyses RT Creep Milk Protilac
Crude Protein 20.0% 38.3%
Oil 5.0% 1.75%
Fibre 0.1% 2.03%
Ash 13.0% 8.7%
D.E. 14.8mj/kg 15.1mj/kg
Calcium 2.10% 0.95%
Phosphorus 1.72% 0.76%
Lactose 50.0% 19.0%
Lysine 1.50% 2.51%
Methionine +
0.70% 1.22%

RT Creep Milk is specially formulated for the young piglet.  It provides a consistent source of protein, lactose and fat.  RT Creep Milk ensures the best performance in the early weeks.

Protilac is a skimmed milk powder replacer.

Soya Oil

Soya oil is extracted from soya beans by solvent extraction.  After desolventising and degumming the crude oil is available for animal feeds.  Soya oil is high in linoleic acid and very high in energy, with a D.E. 40.5 mj/kg.  Soya oil contains no protein.

Soya oil is available in bulk from 5 to 15 tonnes, or in 1000 litre mini-bulks.


RT Feeds supply the following minerals

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • High Magnesium
  • High Phosphorus
  • Beef
  • Dairy