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Pig Supplements

There are 4 basic products in the RT Feeds range of Pig Supplements, with normal rates of copper.  These products will meet the requirements of home mixers and are carefully formulated to balance home-grown cereals.

Weaner To follow on from the Creep feeds
Grower From about 20 kg to 45 kg live weight. Not to be fed to pigs over 16 weeks old.
Finisher Can be fed from 40 kg to slaughter
Breeder Suitable for both gestation and lactation periods


  • Contains good levels of all vitamins and trace elements required to achieve maximum benefits.
  • Promote growth rates, reproduction, and general all round performance.
  • Contain good levels of anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium) to aid the immune process.
  • Promote fast recovery and avoid diseases.